A Regular Fling Maintain the Apace Between a Fuck Buddy & a Relationship

A fling can be the best of both worlds! You get exactly what you need without the hassle of settling down and labelling the fun that you’re having. Relationships can be tough going, hard work and we all know couples whose sex life is basically non-existent.
Flings work because the boundaries are set out clearly – and that’s how you maintain the regular fling and don’t end up falling down a rabbit hole and catching feelings, getting into a relationship and worse – stop having fun between the sheets!

It can be tricky to keep the boundaries clear for this, when feelings get involved the inevitable chat about exclusivity and not seeing other people comes up.

Being exclusive and keeping it casual is not an oxymoron! It can be done!

Be clear with your friend with benefits: exclusive means not having other sexual partners but you can still date and see other people. If that evolves into sex or a physical relationship, tell each other. Being brutal with each other could be what keeps your fling alive and passionate! As a girl, you’ll know how much more you’ll want someone who is wanted by other local girls. It’s like a red rag to a bull, that jealous streak gets you all hot under the collar. It could make your bedroom habits even better! This excitement is the fuel of a good fling – so why ruin it with being boring?

If you’re absolutely not about the exclusive life, be up front and honest from the start! Let it be known that this fling is strictly sex, flirting and fun. There is no relationship end goal. You do not want to settle down. You don’t want anyone on social media to know. You’re not a plus one to any event. You want to be able to call your FWB and hook up there and then. You don’t want to hear about the boring issues in their life, you want sex whenever you can get it!

While your relationship may grow and your understanding of each other in the bedroom could spread into your daily life, remember to be fair with your feelings and crystal clear with your intentions! You might get on like a house on fire and like the same things but it’s easier to keep it kinky, keep it in the bedroom and keep it between the two of you!

As a sexy young female, you’re probably getting a lot of attention and coupling up is not what you’re looking for so let it be known. Being single suits you and having a fling suits your lifestyle and social life. Your fling should complement what your life is like today and shouldn’t be a burden on you.

Remember to always be safe with your fling. Get protected and stay protected. There’s no better way to dampen the spark by announcing that you’ve caught something nasty and need to get checked out. Safety is key. Boundaries are key. Fun is key.

Keep that fling wanting more of you by being completely yourself, keep the boundaries clear and don’t go catching feelings!

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