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Flings Near Me – Approaching Women

Approaching Women in Large Groups - Written By The Girls of Flings Near Me

Your social calendar rotates around nights out with your mates, boys night is taken very seriously for you and your mates. Your weekends are filled with partying, socialising and hooking up with sexy singles.

When you’re out with your pals, you look the lick! You are fun, you are funny and you are confident! Girls walk past and can’t help giving you the nod or craning their neck to hear the noises coming out of your lot. Your group are infectious to be around, you bring out the best in each other and you love finding girls to add to your group and add to your list! It’s a great laugh and it’s what you live for… but it can be hard to approach a single girl in a large group.

As a young female, I know how daunting it can be to approach a hot guy in a large group. Your group might have the classic characters – the joker who might make fun of me; the one locked up in a relationship who clutches their phone like a life preserver; the players who know all the girls; and then there’s you. Fit, confident and thankfully, none of the above!

Even partying somewhere new you’ll be able to spot these same characters in a female friendship group and it takes balls to approach the girl who’s caught your eye who’s in a big group. So from a girl who knows what works, take these tips from me …

Know the Line Between Confidence & Cockiness!

We know it’s daunting and you might need some Dutch courage to come over and be charming but you will never charm the pants off a girl if you’re cocky and arrogant! Arrogance is a zero on the wanted list and your arrogance will do nothing but turn off any female that may have liked the look of you. Instead be confident but be yourself, don’t let your boys wind you up and get you riled, they won’t be there for your big show with this girl so don’t let them get you over excited.

Don’t Overdo the Alcohol!

We’re out, probably at a bar or swigging cocktails and taking 4,000 “cheers” boomerangs, it’s what us girls do! While we’re potentially in a heavy alcohol environment no one likes a drunk who can’t get his words out. If you’re going to come over for a chat make sure you’re still coherent and charming. Slurring words, stinky breath and heavy hands from too much booze is an instant turn off! Be polite.

Girls want to be charmed, wined, dined and ultimately made to feel special. If you’re rude – even to our well-meaning but nosey pals, it won’t go down well! Girls are giggly and just as nervous as you so be polite, don’t probe too much or be too forward and read the signs if you’re getting a no thank you vibe. Don’t refuse and embarrass yourself!

Be Yourself

Sounds silly I know but boys that swagger over to my girlfriends, act one way in front of their mates and then are totally different on their own have a very short life for girls. We’re not silly, we get it, you’re out with your boys – we’re a bit louder and more excitable when having a girl’s night. But when approaching us to have a chat, be yourself. If you’re into football share that, if you love your job, it’s something to talk about; if we have mutual friends, let me know!

Avoid the Lion & Lamb Approach!

No female ever wants to feel like she’s being stalked, measured up and preyed upon. Your game needs to respect that and respect the human being you are attempting to get to know!

So this weekend, get your best clothes on, spritz yourself and get you’re A Game ready for the worldie that is about to walk into your life! Remember my tips and you could be in there like swimwear!

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